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 I have had many talented and dedicated oboe students ranging in age from pre-teen to adult. Many of my students have moved on to study at wonderful colleges and music institutions across the country. Some of my most gifted students have gone on to study at Princeton, Yale, Rice, Juilliard, Manhattan School of Music, Peabody, Crane and Curtis. Below are some testimonials from my oboe students over the years...








I have studied with Allison for four years, since my first days as an oboist, and I could not have gotten this far without her.  Beyond being well-qualified and talented, Allison is extremely patient and encouraging.   She has been so helpful with every aspect of the oboe and musicianship, and lessons are comfortable, enjoyable, and productive!  Thank you!
---Harriet (High School student)


"Best oboe teacher ever!"

---Joanne (parent of an oboe student)

Allison is a master of her craft. During my 2 years of lessons, her many hints and insights have greatly improved the quality of my sound.  Lessons with Allison are always upbeat and fun.   She has always been willing to accommodate my complicated schedule by being flexible with lesson times. The sweet quality of sound from her reeds is unmatched by any other reeds.  Through her mentoring, I have definitely become a better oboe player. Thank you, Allison!
---James (High School student)

You have truly been an inspiration to me; your profound skill and love of playing is truly admirable. I feel honored and blessed to have worked with you.---Graduating HS Oboe student of five years


I took up the oboe late in life and have now been playing for seven years.  I have been taking lessons from Allison for about 18 months.  My lessons are one hand great fun, but on the other great learning experiences, as after each  lesson I become a better musician. I appreciate the enthusiasm she brings to my lessons and the insight she shares about music. I am lucky to have found her.--- Melvin (Adult student)

I am an adult student who has been studying with Allison since December 2010.  My previous instrument was alto saxophone.  I am very pleased with my progress and now feel that my dream of playing in an orchestra someday is going to happen.  I chose Allison as my teacher after hearing her play with the Woodstock Chamber Orchestra and thinking, “That is what I want to sound like.”  She is coaching me through various styles of music and helping me develop a smooth and consistent tone quality throughout the entire range of the instrument.  She is very skilled at making and adjusting reeds which saves me money and helps me develop a more mature and professional sound.  The hour each week that I spend in her studio is the highlight of my week.  I would recommend her for students at all levels.
---Wendy (Adult student)

Allison has a great personality that makes you at ease and yet demanding enough to make you take your oboe studies seriously. Among the many things she taught me, two of the most important take-aways were playing with clear musical phrasing and a singing tone. In addition to our weekly lessons, she introduced me to other opportunities, such as the Children's Orchestra Society and Juilliard Pre-College, from which I was able to benefit as a teenager. Now as a professional oboist and instructor, I do the same to help my students in the ways she encouraged me to grow musically.
---Shirley (former HS student, professional oboist)

Allison-You helped me better my style and playing. I can't fully express how thankful I am that you've been my oboe teacher for the past three years. You taught me so much and I can't thank you enough for that.  ---(former HS student of three years)

I practiced yesterday and today with your two reeds: fabulous! I'm so grateful.
---Lory (Adult student)

Your lessons have been extremely helpful and we both appreciate the expertise and energy you brought to them.
---(parent of HS senior student)

I've gotten a lot better on oboe in the last few years. Allison has taught me a lot. She is the best oboe player I've ever met.
---Rachel (HS student)

I have learned lots in just months.  I enjoy playing my instrument a lot more.  I am learning different pieces and perfecting them.
---Cari (Middle School student)

Allison’s oboe studies has been great and has helped me progress as a musician.  Before starting the oboe, I was a string player (violin), so when I first started the oboe, I had no idea how hard it was to play a double-reed instrument.  I remember that it took me almost 40 minutes to actually blow through the reed!  As I look back to my first oboe lesson with Allison to today, I am absolutely shocked of how much I have progressed.  I am able to have a better sense of rhythm… and now with her, I am still progressing to be a great musician.
---Shelley (High School student)

I enjoy having lessons with Allison and I enjoy practicing.  I feel a big improvement over the past months.  It is fun.
---Felicity (Middle School student)




Hudson Valley One (HV1): April 5, 2019 (regarding concert at Bard College on March 9, 2019: Leslie Gerber review)

Music Column: The Woodstock Symphony Orchestra review..."WSO oboist Allison Rubin handled the virtuoso passagework brilliantly and produced a lovely sound in an Oboe Concerto in C by Haydn. Rubin and the orchestra did bring it to life."

Vassar Info News, A Christmas Service of Lessons and Carols, Sunday, December 8, 2013 -

Saugerties Times, Community Spotlight "Meet & Greet" Article: In April, 2012 the Saugerties Times featured Allison Rubin in an article entitled "The Magic of the Oboe"

Woodstock Times, music review of Woodstock Chamber Orchestra performance
May 3, 2012, Re: Handel Oboe Concerto No. 3 with Woodstock Chamber Orchestra, April 22, 2012 concert "... fine playing of soloist Allison Rubin Bitz, usually the Woodstock Chamber Orchestra's principal oboist. Bitz immediately endeared herself to me by adding some embellishments to her part, an authentic baroque practice too seldom observed today."--- Leslie Gerber, Woodstock Times

New York Newsday, Arts Profile Article
In August, 2004, Allison Bitz was featured in New York Newsday's profile of the week when she served as Assistant Director of Usdan Center for the Creative and Performing Arts.

IDRS Journal Listing for Handel Oboe Concerto no. 3 of Allison Rubin Bitz (International Double Reed Society: April, 2012 issue)

December 2012 What a wonderful Bach Cantata concert at Holy Cross Monastery yesterday!! Allison Rubin's performance of the Albinoni Oboe Concerto was thrilling and wonderful" KAIROS Consort facebook page quote.

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Ulster Alive (March, 2012), Woodstock Chamber Orchestra feature of Allison Rubin Bitz, soloist in Handel Oboe Concerto no. 3 at Bard (Olin Concert Hall)


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