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Oboe Lessons (Skype Oboe Lessons also offered):

For over thirty years, I have enjoyed teaching oboists of all ages and skill levels. In addition to music of your choice, I will focus on orchestral excerpts, solo pieces, NYSSMA preparation, technical studies, scales, orchestra and band repertiore, chamber music passages, rhythm and articulation, sound quality, breathing, and proper embouchure. For advanced students, I teach reed making lessons upon request.
In New York, I am or have been on faculty for the following institutions: Bard College, Bard Preparatory, Hartwick College, Dutchess Community College, ESYO (Empire State Youth Orchestra), Usdan Center for the Creative and Performing Arts, Mountain Laurel Waldorf School in New Paltz, New York Conservatory for the Arts, Children's Orchestra Society in Long Island, Montclair Kimberly Academy of NJ, Mannes Pre-College Division (sub), Sylvan Academy of Music, and New York State Music Institute in Oneonta. My private oboe studio is located in Stockport, NY (serving Columbia County, Greene County, Dutchess County, Albany region, Hudson Valley area, NY). I also offer Skype oboe lessons. Feel free to contact me at 917-882-0569, or to learn how you can get started.

Reed making Lessons

Reed making is a big step in your oboe learning journey. Many talented students play oboe for years before beginning this stage of their studies. When the time is right (and you do need to invest plenty of time), it can be both challenging and fun! I usually recommend reed making to my more serious high school and adult students who are training to enter a music conservatory or music education program in college. We begin with simple knife techniques and minor adjustments to the tip area of the reed. After the student's hand is steady and in control with knife technique, we move on to tying reeds, scraping blanks and so on.

Reed making tools and cane is quite expensive. In the long run, however, you will save money on reeds. Most importantly, you will learn to make custom reeds to your specifications. I have provided a list of recommended tools that can get you started, but, of course you would need a lot of guidance from a trained professional before being self sufficient. Serious oboe students may take specially scheduled reed making lessons (perhaps about once or twice a month) in addition to their regular weekly oboe lesson. Reed making must be practiced daily in order to strenghthen and reinforce your skills. I highly recommend Jay Light's "The Oboe Reed Book" and "The Art of Oboe Playing" by Robert Sprenkle and David Ledet as solid reference guides for reed making. Call 917-882-0569 if interested in Oboe Reed making lessons


Serving Upstate NY: Dutchess County, Columbia County, Albany region, Greene County, Hudson Valley, NY  917-882-0569 (text or call)
Lois Wann, my mentor at Juilliard
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